Pretty Poinsettia add on

Hanging Ornament

Whilst using nothing but half double crochets; you create this small but stunning accessory that will make your Christmas tree feel Scandinavian chic in no time at all.

After finishing your Pretty Poinsettia flower we will now show you how to turn them into these future heirloom ornaments. 

Whether you’re a beginner or more advanced crocheter; I hope you’ll like it and have a really good time.



What you'll need

This little flower is a perfect scrap yarn project as you only need a small amount of yarn. Feel free to play around with yarn weight and fibre for different sizes and effects. 

For the flower; we used small amounts of Must-have in 3 shades by Yarn and Colors, a 100% mercerised cotton yarn:

Yarn A: Mustard (Yellow)

Yarn B: Cardinal (Red)

Yarn C: Aventurine (Green)

We used colour C (Aventurine) for the ornament add on. 

You’ll also need a 3 mm hook, an 15 cm thread to hang your flower with, a scissor and a darning needle.

And last but not least; you’ll of course need a Pretty Poinsettia (click here for the pattern).

The Video Tutorial

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Note! We always use US-terminology for our patterns.

The Pattern

Round 1. In a magic circle, make:

12 hdc, slst in the first stitch to close.

12 hdc

Round 2.

2 hdc in each of the next 12 sts, fasten off with an invisible join to the second stitch. Leave a long tail for sewing (approximately 20 cm).

24 hdc 

Tip. Measure continuously on your flower whilst crocheting to get the right fit. To make it smaller do fewer rounds; and vice versa to make it larger. 

The Assembly

Step 1. 

Use whipstitches to sew the circle plate onto the backside of your Pretty Poinsettia flower by using the shallow parts of the leafs outer lining, fasten off. (the tutorial is very helpful for this part)

Step 2. 

Use your 15 cm long thread to make a hanger (the tutorial is very helpful for this to part too). 

You are finished with your hanging ornament, well done! 

We hope you had fun and suggest that you’ll check out the add on tutorials too. Simply click on the links below and we’ll take you there. 

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