Blooming Lotus Tote Bag

The Story Behind...

The Blooming Lotus Square is a beautiful intricate floral overlay crochet square that was designed together with Tess and Inas back in 2020. It has been made many many times all over the world and we are so very proud to see it bloom in the variety of colors, yarns and projects.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful makes with us through the hashtag #BloomingLotusSquare as well as sweet DM:s and emails. It’s all very special and dear to our hearts.

To celebrate the upcoming summer season; Tess decided to make a Blooming Lotus Tote Bag which is sooooo gorgeous.

The finished tote bag measures 40 cm x 40 cm (without handles) and there is so many fun ways you can make your own take on it, we are eager to see what you all will come up with.

Oh and please note that we have not a tutorial specific for the tote bag. However, you can easily follow along making it through the tutorial for the original square. After that there’s only two additional rounds to add to the size followed by the assembly and handle attachments. 

We hope you’ll have lots and lots of fun.

Happy crocheting!


Sisters In Stitch

A colourful Blooming Lotus Tote Bag is placed on a white sofa

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