Our story

Hi, I'm Tess (Therese Eghult) the CEO of SistersInStitch, a creative crochet design business in the Swedish archipelago.

I’ve been creative pretty much my entire life and have mainly focused on aquarelle and Chinese ink paintings but when I got on maternity leave with my first child I experienced severe back pain. Instead of leaning forward as for when painting, I found myself looking for something creative to do whilst leaning back with good support of my favourite chair. The answer was crochet. So I switched out my paintbrush and canvas for a hook and some yarn, and are LOVING it. 

I spent a year re-learning and further develop the skills I remembered from childhood and I found myself beginning to design within that first year. I loved the creative work and wanted to find a way to do more of it. And then I met Kay..

..and two creative souls met and started a business.

Me and Kay found each other on Instagram in early 2017; both being new to the crocheting community and quickly became friends.

On the middle of February 2017 we met in real life for the first time at a yarn shop happening, and three phone calls in we decided to start a company together. Most people would probably say that was crazy seeing as we didn’t really know each other but we both knew that this was something exceptional and rare, and so we went for it.

Five years later, we have designed for magazines, run the huge crochet Along; The Butterfly Effect CAL 2019, together with the dutch yarn brand Yarn And Colors, published around 50 crochet design patterns and tutorials, hosted the Sip Stitch Podcast and having a lot of fun.  

Unfortunately the curveballs of life came in the way for Kay in 2020 so now I’m continuing carrying the torch with the ambition of making SistersInStitch all that we know it can be, and hopefully even more. 

What SistersInStitch does..

If you are like me and are always looking for a fun and challenging crochet pattern, we are here for you! 

We design patterns in different difficulty levels and makes sure to include both written instructions and video tutorials as much as we can. We know that all learns in different ways and we want to help you grow as a maker and create beautiful art together. 

Through our What Were You Thinking Game we collaborate with designers from all over the world, creating gorgeous crochet squares that can be used on their own or together with others to make larger projects such as blankets and pillows. 

In My Crochet Vlog we share behind the scenes, in depth close ups of currents makes and spilling beans on coming designs. Oh and lots and lots of nature from the island from which my inspiration comes from. 

..more crochet adventures awaits for 2024!

For this year we have one larger thing in the works and so the release of new patterns will be slower for now, but it will so be worth the wait. There might be more vlog entires planned as well so keep your eyes on our channels and we’ll see you soon.

And, if you’re interested in anything specific or want to know more about SistersInStitch, or maybe you have questions about collaborations, drop us an enquiry through the contact page and we’ll get back to you shortly.⠀

Happy crocheting and until next time..



We Are All: SistersInStitch