The Ultimate Granny Square Sourcebook

The Story Behind...

I have always loved books and spent all my weekends and holidays working in small towns little bookstore when I was younger. All just to be able to read the new books before they were even released, to see a not final draft and then re-read it when it was published; it felt like having a secret treasure chest of stories that was only gonna be read by a few in this almsot ready form.. 

It its something magical flipping through a paperback, hearing the sound and feeling every page running under your fingertips. To have my work and name in a book myself is a dream come true. I can’t even begin to express how much it means to me. It’s absolutely mind blowingly: crazy, fun, wonderful and yeah.. “helt otroligt galet” as we say in Swedish.

This is a gorgeous collection of 100 modern granny squares put together by 23 different designers from all over the world, and I am one of them. 

In this book you’ll find 10 of my beloved squares:

  • The Twisted Lily Square
  • The Darling Puff Square
  • The Oh I Adore Square
  • The Cotton Candy Square
  • The L.A. Sunflower Square
  • The Thumbelina Square
  • The Ponding Lily Square
  • The A Little Something Square
  • The Sunny Side Pop Square
  • The Nordic Serenity Square

Thank you so much for your support and love, you are amazing! 

A flatlay picture of beautiful textured granny squares and picked flowers in lots of different colors

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We wish you lots of fun and many happy crochet moments. 

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