Part 8


“Although they were so small they all felt greater than the earth, it was not something they learned no it was with them from their birth. They knew that they were part of something magical and great, they knew that their size did not determine any of their fate.” 


The Butterfly Effect Legend


Before you begin please take a moment and check out these files

If you wish to print or just read the pattern without pictures, this is the file for you


The Butterfly Effect CAL 2019


rnd 55 (D) – start in any corner

*(2dcCL, ch2, 2dcCL), ch1, [dc2tog, ch1] x79; rep from * til end 

per side – 79 dc2tog, 2 2dcCL, 80 ch1-sp, 1 ch2-sp

rnd 56 (E) – start in any corner

*(dc, ch2, dc), FPdc around CL, dc in ch1-sp, [FPdc around 2dcCL, dc in ch-sp] x79, FPdc around CL; rep from * til end

per side – 81 FPdc, 82 dc, 1 ch2-sp

rnd 57 (C) – start in any corner

*(dc, ch2, dc), dc in every stitch; rep from * til end

per side – 165 dc, 1 ch2-sp

rnd 58 (B) – start in any corner

*(dc, ch2, dc), ch1, sk st, [dc, ch1, sk st] x82; rep from * til end

per side – 84 dc, 83 ch1-sp, 1 ch2-sp

Rnd 58

rnd 59 (A) – start in any corner

*(hdc, ch2, hdc), [FPhdc, hdc in ch-sp] x83, FPhdc around dc; rep from * til end

per side – 84 FPhdc, 85 hdc, 1 ch2-sp

Rnd 59

rnd 60 (G) – start in any corner

*(dc, ch2, dc), dc in each st; rep from * til end

per side – 171 dc, 1 ch2-sp

Rnd 60

rnd 61 (F) – start in any corner

*(sc, ch2, sc), [ch1, sk st, sc] 85 times, ch1, sk st; rep from * til end

per side – 87 sc, 86 ch1-sp, 1 ch2-sp

Rnd 60

You are finished, well done! 

Crochet Chart

The pdf version of the chart

Sip Stitch Podcast

Things you can Do In Between Parts​

…make some tea

…find new crochet friends by checking out the #TheButterflyEffectCAL2019 and write something sweet to a fellow butterfly maker

…browse around on our Pinterest boards

crochet the Wallicorn

share some love to all the amazing people who have helped us make this CAL happen

…sip on your tea while you listen to the a new episode of the Sip Stitch Podcast on iTunes, acast or Soundcloud

Until next time…


Tess and Kay

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