when two creative souls met
and started a business...

Welcome to SistersInStitch

...or simply put; the story behind SistersInStitch

how it all came to be

Me and Kay found each other on Instagram in early 2017; both being new to the crocheting community and quickly became friends.

On the 18th of February 2017 we met in real life for the first time at a yarn shop happening, and since then not a single day has gone by without us texting or talking on the phone. Not to mention that three phone calls in we decided to start a company together, and most people would probably say that was crazy seeing as we didn’t really know each other but we both knew that this was something magical.

So what happened in between us meeting and everything taking off? Well, family, babies, loads of crocheting and wild plans of where we wanted our company go. 

2 years in; unfortunately the curveballs of life came in the way for Kay so now I’m continuing carrying the torch with the ambition of making SistersInStitch all that we know it can be, and hopefully even more.. 

I know where we have been, I know where we are going and I hope that you will want to join me along the road and have lots and lots of fun together..

..cause We Are All: SistersInStitch. 



Me and Kay