Crochet ALongs

Let me begin by saying how much I love the idea of thousands of people, strangers from all over the world, connecting through a mutual love for a craft carried out with something so simple as some yarn and a hook.

But let's start at the beginning. What is a CAL?

CAL is the acronym for “Crochet ALong” and just what it sounds like; you crochet a specific pattern together with the designer and other crocheters for a specific period of time. Sometimes it’s a mystery CAL (as in you have no idea of the end result) or as an open CAL (you have pics on the finished product and now exactly what you are crocheting). Everyone is doing their own piece but they all follows the same pattern. The parts are released accordingly to a preset schedule, usually once a week. Some are quick and small, and some takes weeks or even months to finish. It’s usually a sort of blanket but can be for absolutely everything; a bag, pillow or a darling little coaster.

The patterns are usually free and connected retailers sell “ready to go”-yarn packages, but you can of course also choose to put together one of your own choice with other yarns from your stash at home. 

The biggest thing about a CAL is just this; being social and part of a community. The progress is shared on social media such as Instagram, Facebook and in Ravelry groups which makes it a really great way to meet other crocheters and get inspired.

Our Crochet Alongs

Skill level

The Midsummers Dream CAL 2021 is a gorgeous floral wreath designed by Therese Eghult for SistersInStitch. It’s a semi mystery one and is divided over 5 days; starting Monday the 21th and ending on Friday the 25th. 

Skill level

The Butterfly Effect CAL 2019 is a gorgeous squared blanket designed by Kela Ahnhem for SistersInStitch in collaboration with Yarn and Colors. It is divided into 10 parts and ran for as many weeks; started in January and ended in March 2019. 

Skill level

The After Effect is a lovely scrap yarn pillow designed by Therese Eghult for SistersInStitch. It was divided into 3 parts and ran for as many weeks; started on May the 2nd and ended on the 16th 2019.

Once a SistersInStitch CAL is completed, the pattern will remain on our page. So if you can’t join right now; you can always choose to make it later.

No stress, no pressure. It’s all about the journey. 

I hope you’ll have lots of fun!