The Crochet game

When two designers comes together, chats and creates a square together
but without knowing what the other one is planning..

What were you thinking?!

Tess carrying tea and project basked in the house
Two Blooming Lotus Squares in vintage pinks and teal tones placed on a table

The idea behind the game

With the year 2021 we intend to take SistersInStitch to the next level and one of the ways is creating a collection of “What were you thinking square”-designs created together with other crocheters and designers from all over the world; really focusing on the fact that we are all SistersInStitch (which is a play of the term Sisters-In-Laws but for crochet). We wish to get to know more amazing people, learn new things, have fun whilst showcasing and co-creating across the crocheting community.Β 

We hope you’ll join in, it’s gonna be a blast!

How to play

Do you remember those story-games one played back in elementary school? The ones you might have played with your friends;Β where one writes the first meaning and then passes it one to you who writes the next one that you then passes back to your friend and so on..Β 

…this is exactly like that game but instead of using a pencil and paper; we are creating our own squared story with a hook and yarn!

A finished solid coloured Patch of poises squares lays on a working table together with the original and lots of crochet tools and yarn

The What Were You Thinking Square Series

Since that very first square me and Kay did, more is to follow. First up was the Patch of Poises, then followed the LoLiLo, next is the Springtime Blossom and the Blooming Lotus, and now came the Vintage Lily Square. 

Click on each picture to get to the patterns and if you have played the game and wants to add yours to the list below? Just let us know by admitting it through our contact form here.

Happy crocheting!



Wanna play too?

The Rules of the Game

The idea is simple; by playing the game you’ll get to know each other better, explore others design techniques and learn from others whilst having a whole lots of fun and creating a 20 x 20 cm sized square that can be used alone or together with the other squares in the series! 

All you need is a friend; the same weight yarn and a hook that goes with it. That’s it. 

Step 1.

Begin by deciding who will go first and then that person begins to design the first round; that will be the first player. When happy; the first player will then write the instructions down in a note or chat message and send it a long with a round picture for help to the second player.

Step 2.

Then the second player will crochet the first round designed by the first player before designing the second round themselves; write up the pattern and send over to the first player again.

Step 3.

Repeat this crochet game back and forth until you have a finished square. 

Note! You are not allowed to frog any rounds AFTER passing it over to the other player. Then it’s set in stone. No take backs.. πŸ˜‰Β 

Easy peasy, have fun.Β