The LoLiLo Square & Mandala

When two crocheters meet..

The LoLiLo Square is a beautiful floral inspired crochet square designed in collaboration between two friends sitting with an ocean apart.  

Ilse and I begun playing the What Were You Thinking Square Game and after many hours of laughter, twists and getting to know each other even better than before; we realized that we had to start over.

We have had so much fun that we forgot about the size!! We were way passed the size limit… 

So the LoLiLo is actually our second go at the game but oh how lovely she turned out. And in the proper size of 20 x 20 cm too! 

This highly textured, yet calming, square makes a perfect base for such projects as pillows, crossbody bags, blankets and wallhangings. It is designed to be able to pair up with any other squares from the “What Were You Thinking Game”-family. The sky is your limit. 

Ilse about the experience, square and game: 

“Oh my, the fun we had playing this game! 

I was really honoured and excited when Tess asked me to play. Each designing a round, not knowing what the other one would do next. Sometimes you do something trying to steer the other one in a direction and then she does something completely different. It’s so much fun! But it’s not just about designing a square; it’s also a good way to get to know each other. We had so many talks and laughs..

And then, totally out of nowhere, she asks me how I feel about doing the video tutorial?! Did not see that one coming at all and I wasn’t sure I could do it. But Tess believed in me so I gave it a try, I hope you like it.

Thanks Tess for asking me, believing in me and encouraging me. This has been an amazing experience I’ll never forget.”

Thank you so much for playing this game with me Ilse, for being brave and totally nailing the new adventure and challenges that was thrown at you. Sharks, fully functioning planes and all.. 

We wish you lots of fun!


Tess & Ilse

A closeup of the LoLiLo square in warm pinks, gold and eucalyptus

The LoLiLo Square

The LoLiLo Mandala

…And then one day at the beach, Tess accidentally made a mistake on round 5 of the square. But instead of frogging; she made it work and the outcome is this beautiful little mini mandala version. Six rounds and one additional for attaching it to a hoop.

Needles to say; it’s such a quick and sweet one. Perfect as both a quickly put together gift and as a calm summer day make. 

Please note that the written pattern is for the little mandala itself but the video tutorial also includes the step of attaching it to the hoop. 

Have fun! 

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