The Fab5Flower by Kela Ahnhem for SistersInStitch

This is a simple and beautiful flower pattern done in only 5 rounds.

Not only does we have this beautiful flower but also gives you instructions for 5 different ways you can use them on with picture descriptions such as a; bookmark, penholder, shawl brooch, jar cover and a wall hanger.

AND: we have also made a 6th bonus pattern in which Tess (Therese Eghult) turns 3 of these flowers into a calm Scandinavian chic wallhanging.

Wish you lots of fun!


Kay & Tess

What you'll need

This little flower is a perfect scrap yarn project as you only need a small amount of yarn. Feel free to play around with yarn weight and fibre for different sizes and effects. 

For the flower; we used small amounts of Isla DK from Sublime/Sirdar.

Yarn A: Orange

Yarn B: Light lilac

Yarn C: Hot pink

You’ll also need a 4 mm hook, a scissor and a darning needle.


Note! We always use US-terminology for our patterns.

The Pattern

To begin:

ch4 and sl st in the first ch to make a ring, 

4 ch, 1 sl st

Rnd 1. (A)

*popcorn, ch2 (this is not including the closing ch for the popcorn); rep from * in total of five times, fo and make invisible join

– 5 popcorns, 5 ch2-sp

Fab5Flower - rnd 1

Rnd 2. (B) Work only in the ch2-sps, begin in any given:

*sl st, ch1, 5dc, ch1, sl st; rep from * making 5 petals, fasten off and close with an invisible join to the second st

– 25 dc, 10 sl st, 10 ch1-sps = 5 petals

Fab5Flower - rnd 2


***For this and the next rnd you will be using the same colour, if you do not want to fo after this rnd you need to follow the instructions from the Wall Hanging (bonus pattern from CrochetedbyTess) for rnds 3 and 4 so that you start in the correct place to be able to continue smoothly for the next rnd***

Rnd 3. (C) In this rnd you only crochet around the popcorns and in the dcs from previous rnd, ie skipping the sl sts and chs made in rnd 2.

Standing *FPdc around the popcorn from rnd 1, ch1, BPsc in the next 5 dc, ch1, rep from * til end, fasten off and close with an invisible join to the second st

– 25 BPdc, 10 ch1-sps, 5 FPdc

Fab5Flower - rnd 3

Rnd 4. (B) In this round you crochet only in the BPsc and therefore skipping the [ch1, FPdc, ch1]:

In the 5 BPsc of each petal; *sc, hdc, [3 dc, ch1, 3 dc], hdc, sc; rep from * till end, fasten off and close with an invisible join to the second st

– 30 dc, 10 hdc, 10 sc, 5 ch1-sps

Fab5Flower - rnd 4

Rnd 5. (A) In this round you will skip all of the sc made in the previous round:

Do the following for each petal;

*sl st, sc, 2 hdc, 2 hdc, (hdc, picot3, hdc) in the ch1-sp, 2 hdc, 2 hdc, sc, sl st, ch1, FPdc in popcorn **In between your petals you will do the following: ch1, FPdc around the 3rd dc of the popcorn made in rnd 1, ch1; rep from * for all five petals, fasten off and close with an invisible join to the second st

– 50 hdc, 5 picot3, 10 sc, 10 sl st, 10 ch1-sps, 5 FPdc)

** locate the middle dc i.e. the 3rd dc in your popcorn and make the fpdc around that – see notes for detailed pictures

Fab5Flower - rnd 5

You are finished with your Fab5Flower, well done! 

We hope you had fun and suggest that you’ll check out the add on patterns too. Simply click on the links below to download the instructions. 

Until next time…


Tess & Kay

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