The Butterfly Effect CAL 2019

The Butterfly Effect Legend


From deep within the soul and somewhere in the heart, there was the tiniest of rumbles and a million tiny sparks. Turning nothing into something this was only just the start, and when it all was finished it split up into ten different parts. 


Scattering with the wind and leaving traces all over the land, some up in the mountains and some washed up in the sand. Their one and only purpose, although hidden, was brightly beaming, when reunited they would spread joy and give life another meaning.


Slowly waking from hibernation the ten were getting a colourful glow, simultaneously like clockwork they all started to grow. Ten different universes each starting with a bang, getting wired with their history and the songs their ancestors sang.


They all had different features and all played different roles, some were filling spaces and some creating holes. Equally important just like the nerves within a spine, every single moment would make sense a little further down the line. 


The loneliness of separation made for a mighty force indeed, they were all so very anxious to find each other with God speed. Though they all had love for the lands in which they had been left alone, they knew it was just a resting place and would never be their home. 


Deep down below and high up in the sky, they travelled far and wide but never ever made a cry. The wind would be their carrier and help them on their way, some flew into the darkest night and some only in the day. 


With every single flutter of their small and precious wings, they changed the course of life for not just pawns but also kings. Cause every deed has impact no matter how great no matter how small, it can cause the falling of a leaf and the tear down of a wall.


Although they were so small they all felt greater than the earth, it was not something they learned no it was with them from their birth. They knew that they were part of something magical and great, they knew that their size did not determine any of their fate. 


Like magnets getting closer they could feel the gravitational pull, it made their minds so focused and their hearts immensely full. They knew that they were close now and would soon be united as a force, and when they found each other the rest of the world would be back on course. 


From nothing into something they had now joined together as one, their journey cross the lands and all their searching was all done. Everything that they had learned and everything that they had seen, was joined together harmoniously and made the world serene. 


Their purpose was to combine: the past, present, future and to unite, and in this time of need help people put down their swords and end the fight.To open up all minds and through creativity give something no one would expect? And that dear friends was the purpose and meaning of The Butterfly Effect. 




BE Future