The Patch Of Poises Square

When two crocheters meet..

The Patch Of Poises Square is a gorgeous overlay crochet square designed in collaboration between two friends sitting across the world from one another.  

This highly textured yet calm square makes a perfect base for makes such as pillows, blankets, book covers; or why not for a wall hanging? 

Jill and I begun playing the What Were You Thinking Square Game and after many hours of laughter, surprises and getting to know each other even better than before; the Patch Of Poises Square was created. 

Jill describes herself as a crochet crazy, enabler, maker and passionate community builder and I couldn’t agree more! She is all those things and so much more. 

Jill about the experience, square and game: 

“When Tess asked me if I would like to play I was so intrigued, excited and really thankful, “what a brilliant idea” I thought, so we started then and there. 

It was such a fun process, the anticipation and surprise when each round arrived. Then the challenge and joy of designing together and watching our gorgeous pattern evolve. 

This game is a special experience that has strengthen our friendship so much, we are so happy and proud of our Patch Of Poises Square that we made through togetherness from across the world.”

Thank you so much for playing this game with me and to your sweet daughter who helped us name our design.

The written pattern and video tutorial will be released here on SistersInStitch in on Friday the 5th of June 2020.

We hope you’ll have lots of fun!


Tess & Jill

The Latest #PatchOfPoisesSquare makes!

The Latest #PatchOfPoisesSquare makes!

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Instagram did not return a 200.

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