napkin rings / curtain holders

Whilst using nothing but basic crochet stitches you create this small but stunning accessory that will make your table setting both personal and Scandinavian chic.

After finishing your Pretty Poinsettia flower we will now show you how to turn them into these gorgeous napkin rings. And as a bonus, they can easily be adapted to be used as curtain holders too!

Whether you’re a beginner or more advanced crocheter; we hope you’ll like it and have a really good time.


Tess and Kay

What you'll need

This little flower is a perfect scrap yarn project as you only need a small amount of yarn. Feel free to play around with yarn weight and fibre for different sizes and effects. 

For the flower; we used small amounts of Julie in 3 shades by Falkgarn, a 100% cotton yarn:

Yarn A: Ecru (light yellow)

Yarn B: Ljusrosa (light pink)

Yarn C: Dimgrön (foggy green)

We used color B (light pink) for the ribbon.

You’ll also need a 4 mm hook, a scissor and a darning needle.

And last but not least; you’ll of course need a Pretty Poinsettia to attach your ribbon to (click here for the pattern).

Note! We always use US-terminology for our patterns.

The Pattern

Tip. This pattern can easily be adapted to any size by changing the number of starting chains and/or rows!

Row 1.

ch8 + tch, turn.

– 8 ch

Row 2-19

sc in next 8 sts, tch

– 8 sc (x 18 rows)

Tip. Measure continuously on your napkin whilst crocheting to get the right fit. To make it smaller do fewer rows; and vice versa to make it larger. 

The Assembly

Step 1. With the wrong side facing out; place both ends together and slip stitch through both sides (8-9 sts), fasten off whilst leaving a long tail (approximately 20 cm).

Step 2. Turn your ribbon right side out again and sew the poinsettia to the ribbon by using the shallow parts of the leafs outer lining (the tutorial is very helpful for this part). Fasten off.

You are finished with your napkin holder, well done! 

We hope you had fun and suggest that you’ll check out the add on tutorials too. Simply click on the links below and we’ll take you there. 

Until next time…


Tess & Kay

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