The Blooming Lotus

Tote Bag, Flower & Pillow Patterns

The Story Behind...

These gorgeous designs are alternative patterns from the original overlay crochet Blooming Lotus Square. They were designed in collaboration between two friends sitting on opposite sides of the earth playing the What Were You Thinking Game: Inas and Tess 

The full sized Blooming Lotus Flower measures 22 cm across, and the small sized 11 cm. This highly textured, yet calming, design makes a perfect mandalas, doilies, buntings and appliqués. 

The Blooming Lotus Pillow is absolutely amazing and easily adapted to any sized pillow you wish to make. For this pattern its made to fit a 50 x 50 cm pillow insert.

The Blooming Lotus Bunting is next up on the release list so stay tuned.. 

Again, thank you so much for playing this game with me Inas. You are absolutely amazing and I’m so happy that I got to know you even better.  And I know that we both can’t wait to see all beautiful projects come to life so please remember to share your progress and makes with us:


@SistersInStitch @Inas.craft @Crochetedbytess

We wish you lots of fun!


Tess & Inas

Two different sized Blooming Lotus Flowers in pink, yellow and white colors placed on a wooden background together with yarn skeins in the same colors as the flowers
A hand holds up the Blooming Lotus Pillow in made in creamy gradient shades against a floral wallpapered backdrop
A closeup of the blooming lotus square in romantic pink colors