4 U Flower

The Story Behind...

From early years; my mom got me into playing soccer. I wasn’t that good at it but I had fun, got some lovely friends and travelled a lot with tournaments so I kept on going with it.

As with many soccer players; the number printed on my back became my lucky number through the years and still is today. And so with this flower it came to be all about that, the for me very lucky number.

The flower is made in 4 colors and (almost) 4 rounds. It consists of 4 petals that are connected with 4 FPdc2tog back around the 4 sets of double popcorns that makes for the staminas in the very centre of things. So with that I guess that there is no doubt that the number printed on my shirt was the four.

I hope you’ll like it and have a really good time, and maybe even get some extra luck from making it too.



A four petal flower in pink and gold shades is placed on a wooden backdrop together with small yarn skeins and a dark mini scissor