The Blooming Lotus Square

The Story Behind...

The Blooming Lotus Square is a beautiful intricate floral overlay crochet square designed in collaboration between two friends sitting on opposite sides of the earth.  

Inas and I begun playing the What Were You Thinking Square Game in February last year (yes back in 2020!) and after many hours, weeks yes even moths of laughter through twists and turns of life; we finished her in the autumn. Somethings are just that much sweeter when cooked together over time. 

This square ended up being a bit bigger than the other What Were You Thinking Squares from the series. She measures 25 x 25 cm and is thereby approximately 5 cm bigger than the others.  

This highly textured, yet calming, design makes a perfect base for such projects as pillows, crossbody bags, blankets and wallhangings. 

Inas about the experience, square and game: 
When Tess ask me to play this game, you can guess my answer : yes!! I’m really excited!! This will be a exciting game.
I really love Tess design at the first sight and my designs also inspired from her makes. You must know how happy I am when one of my inspiring designer invite me to design along. This is really fun and special experience that I don’t know what will she do in the next round. So much surprises! Also so much happiness because the design turns out so beautiful! 
Thank you very much Tess for this fun designing game. This experience have a special place in my heart.

Thank you so much for playing this game with me Inas. You are absolutely amazing and I’m so happy that I got to know you even better.  And I know that we both can’t wait to see all beautiful projects come to life so please remember to share your progress and makes with us:


@SistersInStitch @Inas.craft @Crochetedbytess

We wish you lots of fun!


Tess & Inas

Two Blooming Lotus Squares in vintage pinks and teal tones placed on a table