Tess Treasured Bookmark

The Story Behind...

This little floral inspired bookmark came to be as the mean to keep track of all the patterns that I was working on in the “The Ultimate Granny Square Sourcebook”. With over a 100 to keep track of; let’s just say that I needed several..

This bookmark is a super quick make that requires less than 2 gram of yarn so now you can turn those amazing scraps; that you haven’t had the heart to get rid of, into darling bookmarks for you and yours.

Oh and a fun fact: I actually made a bookmark for each of the signed books bought from our shop; using the scrap yarns from the skeins used for the squares that is seen in the book!  Small shopping at its best. 

Happy Crocheting!



A crocheted leaf shaped bookmark in a soft mustard gold color is draped over a pink notebook on a wooden backdrop
The Ultimate Granny Square Sourcebook