Midsummers Dream CAL 2021

The Story Behind...

To celebrate the Swedish  midsummer we have put together a little mini CAL (Crochet ALong) for all who wishes to join. It’s a semi mystery one in the way that you will know what you are crocheting but not exactly how the end result will look. 

So for the next 5 days we will be releasing 7 brand new darling flowers to make our own crocheted head band wreaths. It will be absolutely perfect for all kinds of summer parties and crochet loving days.

The CAL is free and open for all. We will be posting each part on our Instagram feed and as a video tutorial on our YouTube channel. 

After the CAL is ended; the pattern will then also be released as a full written one here on our homepage and as a complete wreath tutorial on our channel too. 

You will have the option of using a head band of your choice and hot glue the flowers onto it, or crochet our quick and easy headband and sew the flowers attached to it. We will show you both ways and follow you along step by step!

All you need is small amounts of summer feel yarn, a hook that goes with it and if you chose not to crochet ours; you’ll also need a head band and some hot glue.

We wish you lots of fun, let’s make this week bloom. 



A closeup of three small crocheted flowers in the palm of Tess with yarns in the background
The Pop Drop Flower in three colors placed on a wooden background together with yarn skeins, fresh flowers and a cream coloured Forver Love Headband
Two crocheted headbands are placed on a wooden backdrop together with some pastel coloured yarn and flowers

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