The Story Behind...

This darling little Bunny ornament make is named after my two amazing kids; Evy and Lo. Evy has collected all little bunnies and hangs them in our orchid in the wait for some Easter twigs to arrive. It’s so darn cute, and that orchid has never looked more colourful than now…

But back to the story. Just as the LoopELoops themselves, this background story is pretty short. I always get a bit nuts about bunnies this time of year and with Easter quickly approaching and the Tiny Tie Knots pattern re-written and launched just about the very last week; I was sitting in my armchair yarn doodling when this idea of a simple two rounds kind fo bunny ornament popped by and said hi. 

It’s definitely a perfect scrap yarn project; I dare to say that anything yarn way goes. I have made them in thin yarn, thicker yarn, jumbo yarn… They are all turning out absolutely adorable! 

So grab those hooks and yarn from your stash and lets get hooking.. 


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