There is…

It's live!!

…until the release of part 3. 

While you wait

You can;

…make some tea

…share how you like the CAL so far in our official forum

…find new CAL friends by checking out the #TheButterflyEffectCAL2019 and write something sweet to a fellow butterfly

…update your Ravelry project

…continue on the “in-between:er #wip you started last week

…make some more tea

…browse around on our Pinterest boards

crochet the fab5flower

share some love to all the amazing people who have helped us make this CAL happen

…sip on your tea while you listen to the “My Creative Space” episode of the Sip Stitch Podcast on iTunes, acast or Soundcloud 

check the countdown clock for when the next part is released

…re-reorganise you yarn stash

and then check the countdown clock again


Tess and Kay

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