Stephen & penelope

Back in August, we went to Amsterdam. We booked our trip; really happy that we were going to hold a Sip Stitch Live while away. However, there was one little issue that needed to be solved. Where were we going to host it?! 

That’s when we found Stephen & Penelope – a yarn shop situated very central to everything. We were welcomed to hold our live in their shop after contacting them. They were really helpful from the get go, and proved so throughout. They placed us right at the back among there “crochet yarn” and had sorted everything out; from the lighting to making us tea!

The experience was nothing but pleasant, the staff was amazing and extremely helpful and we actually ended up spending 4 (!) hours in the shop. Ok fine, the live and the preparation took some time but many hours were spent looking at beautiful hand-dyed skeins and chatting to the staff. If we didn’t have a boat to catch and a dinner to attend we could’ve spent many more hours, and probably the whole night, in that shop.

Glimts at Stephen & Penelope

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The shop

The shop is beautiful, outside the large inviting windows there is a yarn-bombed bike. Tourists and locals stop just to look at it and take pictures and I smiled every single time I noticed that. There are beautiful blankets on display, hanging over the banister from the top floor. Shawls in every corner making sure you don’t leave the shop uninspired.

Stephen and Penelope

There is an attention to detail that makes you feel welcome and everything is very thought through. For instance the fact that the staff is so friendly and knowledgeable really makes you feel that you can ask any question, no matter how dumb it might feel. There is the possibility to get the yarn you have bought caked either as you wait or ready for you when you come back, this is a great service and one that we ended up using. Every skein of yarn is well displayed, and even though there is loads of yarn in the store it doesn’t feel cramped. We both needed help reaching some top shelves but we’re both used to that in almost every shop we visit.

Knitting vs. Crocheting

Like with most yarn shops you can feel that it is knitting oriented. There are not that many crochet hooks to choose from or crocheted items on display. However, we were both happy to find the “Lost in Time” shawl on a hanger. This is designed by the talented Johanna Lindahl, a Swedish designer, also known as Mijocrochet

All in all it was a great visit. If ever in Amsterdam you just have to visit this shop. Especially if you have any sort of yarn addiction.

We received many questions from you guys if they ship outside of Holland and we are happy to announce that they do! Please use this link to visit their beutiful webshop!

So go get your hands on some yarn hand-dyed from Amsterdam… We sure did 😉



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