Book review: Cutest Crochet Creations by Alison north

The Cutest Crochet Creations is designed by Alison North and includes 16 super sweet designs such as love birds, a sea monkey, an Indian bunny and a narwhal. All totally adorable and filled with darling details. I mean; how cute can a collection be?! This book certainly has something for every amigurumi lover out there.

A sweet Ami-designer called Alison...

Alison has crafted since an early age but it wasn’t until she got her kids that she fell in love with crochet and decided to travel into the world of Amigurumi. 

Being a total sweetheart; she has been on my radar ever since I first started my Instagram account. Alison has so many cute and loving makes portrayed under her alias @kornflake_stew if you don’t already know of her — check her out!

Cutest Crochet Creations by Alison North

... and rose coloured confetti.

So we had been talking for a while when she decided to hold an auction for some of her cuties. Being myself, I of course dived right into the action — head first — and managed to snatch me a little pink dreamy baby dragon called Bobby (seen in the pic above). 

When the package arrived a week later, it totally blew my mind. In it wasn’t only the most adorable little baby dragon I have ever seen, but also one of my all time favourite designs of Alisons; Saffy the Snail (also seen in the pic above). All adorably wrapped in pink silk paper and absolutley covered with confetti. She’s all about the details and I still keep finding these small “rose coloured confetti reminders” all over the house. They always bring forward a smile whenever and wherever they decide to appear. 

The book

With crispy clear instructions, colored blocked chapters and great photos – it really is a smooth sailing experience. The book is written in us-terms but kindly includes a crochet terminology section with the uk-translation in the beginning of the book.

It’s all in the details they say, and I think that Alison really has captured this. Cutest Crochet Creations gives you all you want, and a little more. She goes through the materials she’s using and safety tips. Even though I totally went the opposite way about not using “fuzzy” yarns; I do appreciate all the love and thought that she has put into it. 

Every detail has been spelled out and it includes instruction sections for embroidery stitches which I myself always find to the the hardest part. It also shows joining options, assembly instructions and the crochet basics; stitches and all. Also, I had no idea that there is a tool for attaching those tricky little safety eyes!  Totally gonna need to get myself one of those.

My choice of make

A late afternoon I sat down joined by all my previous Alison makes to crochet a new friend and review this new book; the Cutest Crochet Creations. 

As it includes a total of 16 super sweet designs; it was almost impossible to choose which one to do first. After a little thought and a look through I finally decided to go with my heart and start of with the sweetest little love bird pattern called “Sunny and Bill”. 

Cutest Crochet Creations by Alison North

The thing that won me over was their headline story; 

“..two love birds have had a busy day — feasting on cake crumbs and singing at the top of their voices, they are now exhausted and taking a quick nap.” 

This description clicks with me faster than I can turn on a tea boiler so that totally settled it. Tiered little birds sang for this tiered crocheting mama. Kindred spirits so to say.

For the love of all things fluffy..

Initially I opted for a really small size and tried Emma by Falkgarn (100 % cotton) with a 2,25 mm hook. I did manage to work up a few rounds but then quickly gave up that attempt. It took forever and was way to stiff so back to the drawing board.

After a little thinking, I glanced over at my Wool and The Gang’s and found myself eying their supersoft “Feeling Good Yarn”. It was truly a match made in heaven as the colorway I opted for is “Clear Blue Sky”. Consisting of 70% baby alpaca, 7% merino and 23% nylon it gives a “fuzzy and light as a feather”-touch to it. The yarn is also a perfect candidate for a good brushing so I quickly whipped the body up with my 4 mm hook and then went bananas with my trusted pet brush.

Oh boy, did he turn up fluffy or what. Love it!


For the headstripe, feathers, beak and wings I used Julie (Grey blue – 014) from Falkgarn. I then used a split Scheepjes Catona (Jet Black – 110) to embroider his sleeping eyes.

Alison has written a great tutorial for embroidery which helped immensely since this is always the point that takes the longest for me to complete.. A lot of trial and errors. However, this time I succeed on my first attempt. Totally giving credit to the great pics and well written instructions.

Since I went for a ticker yarn, my little bird turned out a bit bigger (+50%) than the ones in the book. It is soooo fluffy, cuddly and cute. I initially planned for it to be a Christmas gift to little Lo but I’m tempted to keep him myself. My studio is in always in need of woolly huggable birds, hihi.

To sum it up

I think a great pattern is one that you can customise and make your own, these ones gives you the opportunity to do just that. If you love cute makes, beautiful layouts and well written patterns; this book sure is fore you.

You can find the Cutest Crochet Creations on Amazon here.

Thank you so much Alison and Tuva Publishing for letting me test and review your gorgeous book.



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