Naming things is such a personal process. For me it’s usually the easiest or the hardest part of the design process. Either it comes to me in an instance while I’m working on it, or it takes me forever as “nothing feels right”. Or the most horrible scenario; you come up with the perfect name only to find out that it has already been taken! That is when I can get really stuck. Cause by then I already have the perfect name and now have to come up with another one. Either equally as good or preferrably even better.  I probably over analyse this to bits but that’s just what I do. 

For me it’s not “just a name”. Naming my designs is a highly personal and feeling-related process. I’m looking for a name that has a true meaning for me at the same time that it should be search-friendly; one that will catch peoples attention and be memorable.

I believe Wallicorn to be a perfect example of all those things. It has a nice ring to it, is a clever wordplay and super easy to remember. So how did I come up with it?

Let’s head on with a little; how it came to be…

Wallicorn by SistersInStitchIt was early morning when I suddenly remembered that we were supposed to be at little Es friends birthday party later that same day. I don’t know how these things keeps on happening but forgetting parties is sadly not unusual. We really do need to create a better system for planning these things, or have a “last-minutes-gift-stash”.

As we live on an island, with the closest store being on the mainland and 1,5 hours one way travelling distance; the only alternative was to make something in a few hours with my yarn and hook.

Challenge accepted!

I knew that she likes horses so I went with a unicorn cause who doesn’t love those?! However, since there was so little time I had to skip the idea of an amigurumi. I have always liked to hang my makings so a wall hanging was the next natural step in my train of thoughts. A few trials and errors later there it was – the Wallicorn. So I quickly wrapped it up with a big bow, tossed us all into the car and off we were to cake and balloons.

I’m happy to say that it was a success. So much that little E also wanted me to make one for her too. So with it still being fresh in my mind; I tried to interpret my very few scribbled down notes and looked at the single quickly taken picture I had of it and recreated it. Whoop whoop indeed!

So there I was happy with the design finished and the pattern all written up, but had no clue of what to call it. I was going for something easy, fun and #-friendly which is not easy peasy super breezy at all. Especially the hashtag part. There are so many clever names out there that has already been taken and I felt drained of ideas up until the moment Kay made our daily phone call and cracked it within a few minutes; Wall hanging + uniCorn = Wallicorn. Tadaa. Thank you sweet Kay; quick thinking friends are truly a treasure.  

And that is the story of how the Wallicorn came to be; bad planning, creative solutions and a good friend to help name things. 

If you’d like to make one you’ll find the free pdf pattern here

Have a lovely day!



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