After many many MANY hours browsing through chatroom’s, forums and the web; we are so happy to present to you The Ultimate Crochet Slang Glossary. With over 110 (!!) slang and other shortenings it will help you entering the web based social world of crochet. 

Anyone who is spending time on social media will sooner rather than later run into various strange acronyms and slang. Every subculture has their own language and the crocheting community is not an exception. You can find crochet slang being used on Instagram, in patterns and on blogs, to name a few places, and it all might be a bit confusing to even the most experienced crocheter; let alone to a beginner.

the ultimate crochet slang glossary


But what do we really mean? Lets have an example; 

A single crochet project can easily go through several stages during its lifetime (and thereby several terms/slang) or even be vacillate between being a WIP, a UFO, a URO, back to a WIP and then eventually perhaps end up as one of those oh so seek out FOs that is sizzling HOTH; and may or may not be FS. 

Are you starting to feel confused or maybe even a bit dizzy? Don’t worry, SistersInStitch are here to help! Scroll down and have a look.


Oh and if you know any slang that we have missed; please share in the comments below and we’ll pick it up. 


Tess and Kay

The ultimate
crochet slang glossary



The japanese phrasing for crocheted stuffed animals or dolls, the same as a Plushie (see further down).


Someone who can both crochet and knit.

The japanese phrasing for crocheted stuffed animals or dolls, the same as a Plushie (see further down).



A technique you use to finish off your crochet project to stretch it, define stitches and shape it. Worked only for projects made from natural fibres; first you wet it (soak or just moist it gently), then stretch, shape and pin it down on a foam mattress or yoga math; to then wait for it to dry and be all pretty and perfect.


Corner 2 Corner

A crochet method in which you crochet squares or blanket by working on the diagonal. It is usually done by following drawn graphs to create a certain image.


Also known as a yarn cake

Yarn that is wound into a cylindrical shape.


Crochet ALong

It is just what it sounds like; you crochet a specific pattern along with the designer and other crocheters during a specific period of time. Read more here.  


Crochet In Public

When you bring and work on your gorgeous wip to a café, on the train, in the park or wherever you might go that isn’t a private setting such as your house. 

Clown barf


When variegated yarn falls in an unflattering way while when hooking it up, it just looks messy worked in that particular pattern/way.


Critter aNd Crochet photo

A photo of your pet together with your crochet whilst trying to prevent you from getting to your crochet groove onas they are all over the project, and you. Could also count for your kids.



Acticism centered around a craft.



Someone who is active in craftivism (see above).


Crafting Room In Progress

The never ending task of creating the ultimate creative place for you to indulge in all things crochet and crafts. It’s almost always changeable and in progress.. 


"To get your crojo on"

Just as Mojo but for crocheters – the crochet groove.

It is that special power, drive or energy that is synonymous with effectiveness and success. It is a magical force that propels us forward; a “just one more row”-mindset. 


Do It Yourself

It’s the activity of decorating or repairing, or making things yourself, rather than paying someone else to do it for you. Why by a sweater when you can make one?! DIY love!



To use up, sell or donate your unwanted yarn. A spring cleaning of your yarn stash one might say.



Someone who spends way too much time browsing and/or buying on Etsy; an online buyer and seller community (similar to Ebay) that focus on hand-crafted or vintage goods.

Fabric Yarn


DIY yarn made by cutting up fabrics of any sort. Similar to t-shirt yarn.



A social media platform on which you can find crochet groups and forums.



When variegated yarn creates stripes around the lightning. Similar to Pooling (see further down).



Used as to follow/join a group. It is also used as a crochet abbreviation in patterns.


Fresh Off The Hook/Hot Off The Hook/Just Off The Hook

When something recently finished and that you can’t wait to show it off.



Crocheting freely without a pattern and by breaking the “rules” of crochet. Usually for artistic displays and jewelry.



To crochet without following a pattern. 


"To frog"

To frog is when you rip out some (or all) of your stitches, usually due to a mistake made, to start over or use the yarn for something else. When you take a stitch out you have to “rip it, rip it” which totally sounds like a frogs “ribbit” hence the term frogging.


"No need to buy new yarn, I'll just check my frog pond first"

Storage place for crocheted items (UFOs) waiting to be frogged.


Finished Object/Finish Off

FO can stand for both the things above. It can imply a project that you have finished or as for in a pattern; to finish off the row/round by cutting the thread and sew in the ends.


For sale

As in “I have to many FOs. Please buy and help, it’s for a good cause. Me being able to make new things”.


For Sale Or Trade

When you are open to either sell or trade for some other thing/s. 

Gradient yarn


Skeins or cakes that gradually fade from one color to the next, either tonally or into other hues, making it effortless and also saving you from weaving in color change ends.

Hand-painted yarn


This type of yarn is made exactly as it sounds; it is dyed by hand. An individual person has taken the time to paint the yarn by hand and cannot be done by a machine.

It is usually made in small batches which makes it a great choice for that one-of-a-kind project you have been dreaming about.



When you are retreating into your own world of crochet for an indefinite period of time. Similar to bears, just add some yarn and a hook. 



Someone who buys yarn because it’s pretty or on sale just to add it to their stash and will likely never ever use it. Might be in desperate need of a de-stash or a stash-busting project.



A proud and happy crocheter; when you love to hook projects up.


Hot Off The Hook/Fresh Off The Hook/Just Off The Hook

Same as FOTH (seen further up).


Hook Snoob

Someone who loves fancy hooks, or are really particular with which he/she uses.


Havent Started the Project Yet

Something you intend to do.



A social media platform based on sharing pictures.

Indie dyer and Indie dyed yarn


An indie dyer is someone who dyes their yarn by themselves, rather than being employed/part of a big company, in small batches.

They may dye in their kitchens, garages or in rented commercial space. The main thing is that it is exclusive and handmade which produces very unique skeins and colors that may vary from batch to batch, i.e. indie dyed yarn. 


In Search Of

Can be for that perfect skein/project/hook etc.


Join As You GO

A joining technique for assemble crocheted pieces.


Just Off The Hook/Fresh Off The Hook/Hot Off The Hook/

Same as FOTH and HOTH (seen further up).


Knit ALong

Same as a CAL (seen further up) but for knitters. So not really crochet related but it could be good to know since we are a part of the crafting community.

Kettled-dyed yarn


The yarn is basically “cooked” as you add the dye to the liquid in the pot.

When you are working with big pots of dye and exact color ratios it may be easier to recreate the same color ways in comparison to hand-painted yarn. So it might therefore be better suited for those large crochet projects if you wish to have a more similar shade throughout.



A rounded lump or ball, especially on the surface of your crocheted piece.


Laughing my ass off

This is used to indicate that something is super funny and makes you laugh so hard.


Laugh out loud

This is one of the most common slang terms in the social communities on the web. Even though it means to laugh out loud it’s mostly used to indicate smiling or slight amusement.


Local Yarn Shop/Little Yarn Shop

It is hopefully your favorite place to go to get yarn, inspiration or help from the passionate people working their. They can also be arranging events such as crochet nights, workshops, CALs and other related gatherings.


Local Shop Owner

Most likely to be your new best yarn friend.


Mystery ALong/Mystery crochet ALong/Make ALong

A Mystery (crochet) ALong is a closed version of a CAL (seen further up) but you have no idea of the end result until the very end of it. A Make ALong is also like a CAL but doesn’t necessarily, nor exclusively, includes crocheting. 


Mile A Minute

A project that works up super quick!



The crocheted mandala is a pattern which can be a simplistic design with only one color and a textured stitch, or full of vibrant and varying colors, sectioning off multiple segments in a circular pattern.


Must Get Back To Crocheting

Like in; “I’m sorry but really don’t have time to talk anymore, my crochet is calling”.


Not Crochet Related

When you are doing something very rare; talking about/doing something other than yarn, crochet and patterns.


Not Even Started Yet/Not Started Yet

As in; “I have too many other WIPs I have to finish first before I can even think of beginning on another project”. Said almost no crocheter ever…


Obsessive Crocheting Disorder

What makes you keep on starting up new projects without finishing ones. Or neglects housework an entire week for a “just on more row-mindset”.

Ombre yarn


When a yarn is mixing and blending hues of the same color in a progression of light to dark, and sometimes back again to light. Or going smoothly from one color to the next with a soft transition.


One Of A Kind

Uniquely crocheted items, that has something extra that ensures it to be one of a kind.


On The Hook

Something you are working on right now.


Patterns Accumulated Beyond Life Expectancy

So many patterns, so many ideas.



Simply short for crochet pattern.


Projects Half Done

This totally sounds super serious and academic; and it is but crochet wise the term is simply used to tell that you are halfway to completion with a project, something really worth celebrating. 


Pay It Forward

If someone is doing something nice to you; you do something nice for someone else.


Projects In Grocery Sacks

It is just as it sounds; when one are using grocery bags to separate their projects.

Pin it!


A way to add and save pics, info and projects that inspire you on the social media platform Pinterest. 


PLastic yARN

Fake/DIY yarn made from cutting up plastics, grocery sacks for exemple.



Stuffed animal or doll, same as an Amigurumi (seen further up).



Also known as stitch marker, and the things you never can find enough of when you finally need them..



When colors in variegated yarn pools together in bunches. 


Permission To Post

Usually used when pattern testing; asking if it is okay to post pics before the pattern is released.



To delay or postpone action; put off doing something.



Blotches of color in variegated yarn.


Quilt ALong

Same as a CAL but for quilters. So not really crochet related but it could be good to know since we are a part of the crafting community.



A pattern bank for crocheters and knitters.


Ready To Ship

Refers to when selling the already finished items that are ready to ship directly, i.e. not made to ordered.


Stash Accumulated Beyond Life Expectancy

When you have a yarn stash containing more than you can ever use up. Might also be seen as a hoarder. 



An afghan made out of yarn scraps or partial skeins, a type of stash-busting project.


Stash Enhancement eXperience

Aka the wonderful experience of buying new yarn.


Stitch marker

Same as PM (seen further up).

Stitch n’ bitch


A group of crocheters meets up to bitch (talk) while they stitch (crochet). A modern crochet cottage so to say.

Stitch n’ pitch


A group of crocheters meets up to crochet at a baseball game, or maybe more likely who meets up to pitch design or crochet ideas to one another. 


Second Piece Syndrome/Second Sleeve Syndrome

A widespread phenomenon in which the second piece of a pair takes forever to complete, or never get started or completed at all. It can be the second arm of a sweater, that other leg for you amigurumi or simply the back piece to your pillow. It truly includes all projects for which a second identical piece or section must be made; i.e. for socks, sleeves, mittens, legs, rows etc. If not addressed this could quickly turn your WIP into a UFO. The solution is called discipline, or the TAAT way.



A star shaped afghan.


Special Treasures All Secretly Hidden

For most used as a very important gathering term for all the yarn you have collected over time (secretly hidden or proudly shown off in all its glory) . Your own personal warehouse so to say, already paid for and ready to use whenever you need a skein or two.



This is a type of project for which you can use up some of the yarn collected in your stash to reduce the size of it and using things you have rather than go and by new things, adding to your stash.

Anyone whose stash is starting to take over, and that a larger or even a secondary house is needed to hold all it all the yarn, would need to select their next project to be a stash-buster. 

Squishy mail


Yarn delivery! The best kind there is.


Two At A Time

By working the two pieces simultaneously (a few rows/rounds at a time) you prevent the up come of UFOs and SSSs.


Think About It/Thinking About It

Just as it sounds!


Take ALong Crochet

The project/s you bring with you when leaving the house.


T-shirt yARN

DIY yarn made from cutting up t-shirts.


Thank God It’s Finished

Easily confused with the less important Thank God It’s Friday.


Thank you In Advance

A kind thing to say when you are expecting help from a fellow maker (and others of course lol).


There Is Hope

Like in; I can see the light in the end of the tunnel, there is still a possibility that this yarn will untangle. 


Trashed Object Abandoned in Disgust

Oh how we actually don’t really want to put this in here because I hope no one ever feels like this about their makes.


Tone On Tone​

This is when you are working within a general color area and manipulating this color with tints, shades and textures to create interest and variety.


UnFinished Object

The project you are neglecting with no active intention to ever finished. The opposite to a WIP. UFOs are specifically characteristic for crocheters who work on several projects at a time but it can also be the case of you running out of yarn and it has been discontinued and so therefore you abandon it.


Un-Recognized Object

It may happen that we find an old UFO hiding away in our closet and we can no longer remember what it was originally supposed to be; a URO.


UnStarted Object

Same as HSPY (seen further up).



A super easy/simple/no brainier/plain crochet pattern or project.

Variegated yarn


Multicolored yarn.


Very Important Project

Totally like as in; the baby is due tomorrow, it’s a gift for your best friend who is moving away, or it is just something you’ve been longing to make forever!


Work Hidden In My Mind

Design ideas waiting to burst out but you somehow can’t remember right now. But it was such a good one, your sure of it!


Work In Mind

The project or design you are thinking of right about now.


Work In Progress

A project you are working on or have resting but plan to finish someday. A project on which you work regularly, for example every day or weekend. It’s considered a WIP if you are actively in the process of completing it. The opposite to a WIP is a UFO.


Work In Very Slow Progress

The sloth version of a wip, also known as the middle thing between a WIP and a UFO.


Waste Of Money/Waste Of Money, Yarn And Time

What some projects ends up feeling like, it’s sad but it happens from time to time. 


What The Heck Was I Thinking

The feeling when your project ends up as a WOM or WOMYAT, hihi.


Yet Another Project

A little bit like when you surrender to the urge/craving of constantly starting new  things and WIPs.

Oh such a pretty yarn/design aka here we go again, Hello WIP nr 171.

Yarn Barf


When you are trying to start from the center of the skein and out comes a messy lump of yarn.

Yarn Bomb/Yarn Bombing


A yarn bomb is a decorative piece of crocheted art that is shown off in a public place. A yarn bombing is the act itself: when you place your crochet pieces in public (with or without consent/permission). It can be as simple as adding a small piece to a pole or hanging up snowflakes around Christmas, to an intricate “covering an entire chain-link fence”.

Yarn chicken


When you attempt to finish a row/round/project with that last bit of yarn in your ongoing skein.



Describes someone who really loves all things yarn.



When you are really addicted to everything yarn, and could possible also be called a hoarder.


Yarn Acquisition Road Trip

A road trip just to visit that special yarn store to browse or buy yarn.

Yarn snob


Someone who knows what he/she likes and is really particular with what type of yarn they use.


Your Eyes Might Melt

Used to describe an incredible beautiful yarn/project/tool etc.

Zig Zag


A type of crochet pattern that creates sharp pointy ripples to your project.

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